Hello there! You may be wondering what this site is about, so let me tell ya. Well, this isn't just Harry Potter. It's not just fanfics and it's not just Slytherin.... Then what exactly is this wiki? 


For those curious what the background is. /.\

For starters, it's me. It's me, my writings, my ideas, and my personality. I'm not trying to sound snotty or rude, but I don't want people stealing from me. Upon given permission, you may be admin if I see fit. If you spot any grammar/spelling mistakes, please message me and let me know. 

Secondly, this wiki does have fanfictions, but it's not only fanfictions. There will be stories that are from my mind and my ideas and my plots, etc. If it is a fanfiction, it will say so in the title. 

Finally, most of the stuff on this wiki will hopefully also be on my Wattpad. I am trying to get my writing noticed, but I also have school and my education. This site may not be updated regularly, but I will try and I am grateful for anyone who visits it. 

Again, I did not mean to sound rude and if I offended you in anyway, I am sorry.